Ravioli of lobster and green asparagus


Foie gras of duck with raspberry, celery and brioche


Filet of turbot with baby spinach, tomatoes, capers and croutons


Rack of lamb with rosemary and honey crust, green beans, bacon and potato mash


Creme brulee of lemon grass with mango


4 course                       52
5 course                       60


* all prices in euro incl. 21%  IVA


Carpaccio of preserved watermelon with summer lettuce and dukkha


Octopus, grilled with Asiatic green beans, papaya and lime aioli


Crispy pork belly with apple relish and mustard caviar


Ravioli of artichokes with local, organic vegetables, fresh truffle and olive oil


Hake and prawn with a sea food risotto, fennel and dill oil


Beef entrecote with yuca, pimientos de padron, a green tomato chutney and chipotle sauce


Cured cheese from Menorca with figs


Tartelette of wild berries with chocolate ice cream


4     courses                 45
5     courses                 52
6     courses                 58
* all prices in euro incl. 21%  IVA

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